Automatically Find Duplicate Pictures


Automatically Take Screen Pictures Software  v.1.0

Take screen captures at regular intervals. Automatically Take Screen Pictures Software enable you to schedule it to take screenshots. Screenshots are a low disk space alternative to video recording. You can automatically capture and save screeshots

NoClone Free - Find Duplicate Files/Emails/Downloa 2011-5.0.4  v.1.0

NoClone - file management utility software to find and delete TRUE duplicate files Features: * Compare folders * True Byte-to-byte comparison , not by CRC/MD5. 100% accurate! * Search duplicate files contents and similar files regardless of file


NoClone Free - Find Duplicate Files/Emails/Downloads  v.2011-5.0.47

NoClone - Find and Delete TRUE duplicate files - Remind duplicate download files. Smart Marker helps to clean up hard drive.

NoClone Free - Find Duplicate, Similar Files

NoClone - file management utility software to find & delete TRUE duplicate files (Vista compatible) * True Byte-to-byte comparison , not by CRC * Search duplicate file contents regardless of file name * Delete or move duplicate * Clean up

DuplicateDestroyer  v.1.0

DuplicateDestroyer is a simple, easy to use application specially designed to be used to find duplicate pictures within a folder and move them to another folder for easy deletion.

Duplicate Image File Finder Software  v.7.0

Find duplicate pictures. Preview duplicate pictures to visually confirm duplicates. Choose which files to send to the Recycle Bin.

VisiPics  v.1 30

VisiPics is a simple tool that allows you to find duplicate pictures on your computer and helps you decide what to do with them.

DupeGuru Picture Edition  v.2. 2. 2002

dupeGuru Picture Edition is a tool to find duplicate pictures on your computer.It is specialized for duplicate pictures matching.

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder  v.1.0.1

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is a program that can help you free your hard disk space. This application will scan any folder or subfolder and find similar image files that actually are the same.

Cleanup Assistant  v.2.0.1

COMPUTER CLEANUP TRASH CLEANER: scan your computer for unused junk files - antivirus-like interface - automatically updated trash definitions FIND DUPLICATE FILES: in multiple folders - filter on file types - specify comparison mode - smart selection

Duplicate Filter  v.1.6.4

Duplicate Filter can instantly find, compare and manage duplicate files in your computer and neighborhood computers in the network.

Lightroom Duplicate Finder  v.1.0.2532

It is a plug-in that will scan your Lightroom catalog in order to find duplicate images. By using the EXIF data, it finds all photos which came from the same source; it compares the camera model, serial number, lens, ISO speed etc.

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